quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Alexz Johnson - Live @ Stage It 2011 [Fixed Audio]

-Hey guys! This is Alexz Johnson "Stage It" show from 2011. "Fixed Audio" means that the audio were too low and had some gaps, so I fixed everything with audio editors. I made these fixes a very long time ago but now I decided to share them to all Alexz fans that love her singing live! ^^

-"A Little Bit" and "Saving The Train" were from the first show (Alexz made two online shows in the same day and they had minor tracklist diferences), while all the other songs were from the second show. I did not recorded these performances, I downloaded a YouTube video and then I fixed the audio.

-I hope people understand that this was just an online show and it is not an Alexz Johnson official product so there is no copyright infringement here. Alexz music is great, original and very deep. She's at her best when she sings live! Enjoy! :)

You can download the show in MP3 format here:

Listen the songs in my YouTube channel:

(Playlist): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQLe_OZ5aTdrA0o-k_UutVtGEeQxgC9Ao&feature=view_all

As a bonus you can download a collection that I made of Alexz pictures:

Alexz Johnson Official Website:


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